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  1. Excellent tutor, explained things very simply and in a relative context, extremely helpful. Was able to help me out on very short notice

  2. Very happy with the tutoring service-I got really good results for my exams. A very patient and methodological tutor, would definitely recommend Sergey!

  3. Lilian Lilian

    Sergey has been immensely helpful and proved himself to be very knowledgable and enthusiastic in the areas of predictive analytics which required an understanding R Studio and statistics. He was able to explain concepts in a clear and concise manner to someone with limited background knowledge. He was reliable and timely and made sure I got what I needed from the lesson.

  4. Theo Theo

    Sergey has been one of the best tutors i have had. Explains concepts in a simple way and can relate to the students on their level of thinking. Thank you for such a great semester of Micro at 4pm!

  5. Adam Adam

    Amazing tutor for economics, wish i had Sergey for many more economics subjects!

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