Круто сказано про Портера

“Porters Five Forces model is simple. It is nothing but microeconomics. This man had locked himself in a library for a few years, had analyzed some companies and than he managed to summarize nearly the whole science of microeconomics in one single simple model. – That is the reason why all other economists hate him: they are envious because they did not see something so obvious themselves.”

Porters Five Forces Areas of Microeconomics
Bargaining Power of Suppliers Supply and demand theory, cost and production theory, price elasticity
Bargaining Power of Customers Supply and demand theory, customer behavior, price elasticity
Rivalry between Existing Players Market structures, number of players, market size and growth rates
Threat of Substitutes Substitution effects
Threat of New Entrants Market entry barriers
Industry attractiveness Profitability, supernormal profits

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